Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Email Subscription!

Lisa C. suggested that I add an email subscription to my blog so I did! Just look to the left and enter your email address. Then whenever I post something new, you'll get an email to let you know. Pretty cool, huh?

I hadn't really thought about adding an email subscription before because I use Google Reader to keep track of all of the blogs that I read. If you don't currently have a blog management system, I would recommend the Google Reader. It's free and super easy to use. Just create an account and then click on Add Subscription to add a new blog. You can even create folders to organize your blogs. For example, I have a Stamping folder, a Knitting folder and a Family folder. So now, if I want to see if anyone posted something new, I can just log into the Google Reader and see all the new posts. I don't have to stalk all of my favorite blogs anymore. Quite a time saver!

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